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Expected in 2021
The impact of climate change on informal built environments
The workshop will address (with reference to the real situation of an area of the city) some of the most significant problems that will be originated by climate change, the consequences of large-scale urbanisation, significant technological innovations

The Rio laboratory is envisaged as an opportunity to identify the many different problems an area where informal housing and formal infrastructure services coexist will face as a result of climate change. It makes possible to understand how to operate in “spontaneous” urban fabrics that over time have consolidated, but nevertheless still have substantial original weaknesses. A possible study case could be the Marè area And it allows an analysis of the social and economic consequences coronavirus, dengue, ebola epidemics can have in high-density low-income housing developments. In this experience, ILAUD will cooperate with Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo schools of architecture and planning and  Brazilian research institutes and foundations in the fields of social sciences, health, etc.

Giacomo Pirazzoli, Professor
Paolo Ceccarelli, president ILAUD

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