april 23, 2021 - 2.30 pm / 
Understanding neighbourhoods in times of pandemic.
3LABs in London - Milan - Berlin. First Online meeting
March 31 2021 / 
Proclamazione Premio di studio Etra "Connie" Occhialini. A.A. 2020/2021
Il 31 marzo 2021 si è tenuta in video conferenza la sessione di proclamazione della prima edizione del Premio di Studio patrocinato da ILAUD (International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design) e dal Dipartimento di Architettura, Università di Ferrara.
Expected in 2021 / 
The role of the informal sector in formal urban systems
The workshop will entered on Merkato, the huge open-air market in the heart of the city
Scadenza del bando: 28/02/2021 / 
Premio di studio Etra "Connie" Occhialini. A.A. 2020/2021
Università degli studi di Ferrara
February 6 2021 / 
Digital Twins for Food systems Transformation
Tomaso Ceccarelli
February 7 2021 / 
Passive strategies for improving resilience of the built environment to Urban Heat Island, heatwaves and flooding
Federica Rosso
February 7 2021 / 
Developing Climate Fit Urban Places
Nadia Boschi
JUNE 22 - JULY 13, 2020 / 
Summer School Program on Architecture - ILAUD & GREAT PLACE TO STUDY
ILAUD collaborated for a short Summer School Program on Architecture to a new initiative of Summer School Program by Great Place to Study
Pilar Maria Guerrieri
June 17 2020 / 
Post-pandemic countryside: a perspective from China
Giulio Verdini
February 6 2021 / 
Venice and Its Lagoon Designed for a Lasting Present
Domenico Patassini
July 9 2020 / 
Architectural Pedagogy in the age of Digitalization
Giuseppe Bono
November 10 2020 / 
Of(f) the tracks. Railway Imaginaries and Dislocated Stratigraphies
Tomà Berlanda
Expected in 2021 / 
Designing new resilient urban environments
September 1 2020 / 
Roles and Challenges of Urban Design
Carmelo Ignaccolo
July 22 2020 / 
Issues of post-conflicts reconstruction: the historic cities in the Middle East
Daniele Pini
October 8 2020 / 
Afrotopian Cities at The Edge of Global Pandemic
Paolo Cascone
La scatola di Connie
Per ricordare Etra Occhialini (31 marzo 1951-3 luglio 2019)
Paolo Ceccarelli
November, 2019 / 
Giancarlo De Carlo and ILAUD.
A movable frontier
edited by Paolo Ceccarelli
ILAUD Online Activities - Youtube
ILAUD has a YouTube Channel - Stay Tuned
may 22 - july 12, 2019 / 
Giancarlo De Carlo and ILAUD.
An exibition
The milanese architects order have organized an exhibition full of original and unpublished materials, curated by Connie Occhialini
ILAUD e-Journal Series
We are ready to start an ILAUD e-journal series where all our researches will be easily accessible - Stay tuned!
Approaches on Reading Cities
Elective Workshop in Delhi
Pilar Maria Guerrieri, Paolo Ceccarelli, Surajit Sarkar
1983 / 
Breda Project
ILAUD worked on modern heritage
Expected in 2021 / 
The impact of climate change on informal built environments
The workshop will address (with reference to the real situation of an area of the city) some of the most significant problems that will be originated by climate change, the consequences of large-scale urbanisation, significant technological innovations