28th and 29th of september 2021 / 
Proposals from Universities from the whole world

Coordinators of the initiative Pilar Maria Guerrieri and Giulio Verdini
July 26 2021 / 
ILAUD contributed to DIALOGHI DELLE CATTEDRE UNESCO on Quality Education, Reduce Inequalities, Sustainable cities and communities
Termina il 17 ottobre 2021 / 
Un concorso per reinventare i luoghi e le comunità del futuro
Proloco Gavorrano
JULY, 19-23 2021 / 
ILAUD WEEK - Cities under Shocks & Stresses 2021
Dergano, Milano: Immersive experience in a Post-Pandemic Neighbourhood
Expected in 2021 / 
The role of the informal sector in formal urban systems
The workshop will entered on Merkato, the huge open-air market in the heart of the city
Scadenza del bando: 28/02/2021 / 
Premio di studio Etra "Connie" Occhialini. A.A. 2020/2021
Università degli studi di Ferrara
March 31 2021 / 
Proclamazione Premio di studio Etra "Connie" Occhialini. A.A. 2020/2021
Il 31 marzo 2021 si è tenuta in video conferenza la sessione di proclamazione della prima edizione del Premio di Studio patrocinato da ILAUD (International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design) e dal Dipartimento di Architettura, Università di Ferrara.
February 6 2021 / 
Digital Twins for Food systems Transformation
Tomaso Ceccarelli
February 7 2021 / 
Passive strategies for improving resilience of the built environment to Urban Heat Island, heatwaves and flooding
Federica Rosso
February 7 2021 / 
Developing Climate Fit Urban Places
Nadia Boschi
april 23, 2021 - 2.30 pm / 
Understanding neighbourhoods in times of pandemic.
3LABs in London - Milan - Berlin. First Online meeting
JUNE 22 - JULY 13, 2020 / 
Summer School Program on Architecture - ILAUD & GREAT PLACE TO STUDY
ILAUD collaborated for a short Summer School Program on Architecture to a new initiative of Summer School Program by Great Place to Study
Pilar Maria Guerrieri
June 17 2020 / 
Post-pandemic countryside: a perspective from China
Giulio Verdini
February 6 2021 / 
Venice and Its Lagoon Designed for a Lasting Present
Domenico Patassini
July 9 2020 / 
Architectural Pedagogy in the age of Digitalization
Giuseppe Bono
November 10 2020 / 
Of(f) the tracks. Railway Imaginaries and Dislocated Stratigraphies
Tomà Berlanda
Expected in 2021 / 
Designing new resilient urban environments
September 1 2020 / 
Roles and Challenges of Urban Design
Carmelo Ignaccolo
July 22 2020 / 
Issues of post-conflicts reconstruction: the historic cities in the Middle East
Daniele Pini
October 8 2020 / 
Afrotopian Cities at The Edge of Global Pandemic
Paolo Cascone
La scatola di Connie
Per ricordare Etra Occhialini (31 marzo 1951-3 luglio 2019)
Paolo Ceccarelli
November, 2019 / 
Giancarlo De Carlo and ILAUD.
A movable frontier
edited by Paolo Ceccarelli
ILAUD Online Activities - Youtube
ILAUD has a YouTube Channel - Stay Tuned
may 22 - july 12, 2019 / 
Giancarlo De Carlo and ILAUD.
An exibition
The milanese architects order have organized an exhibition full of original and unpublished materials, curated by Connie Occhialini