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Expected in 2021
Designing new resilient urban environments
Foto Claudio Furlan - LaPresse 08 Gennaio 2020 Milano (Italia) cronaca Conferenza Panoramiche della città di Milano avvolta dallo smog, dal 39esimo piano del Palazzo della Regione Lombardia Photo Claudio Furlan/Lapresse 08 January 2020 Milan (Italy) Pollution of the metropolitan area of Milan as seen from the 39th floor of Regione Lombardia

This ILAUD workshop will take place in Milan, in particular examining the problems that arise while designing and building new settlements, together with different patterns of daily-life,  possible pathologies, the transformation of the way of working and socializing. The workshop will offer opportunities to develop design approaches which grant real flexibility and adaptability. The workshop will be held in cooperation with local universities and main actors in the urban development scene of Milan.


Politecnico di Milano,

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