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Approaches on Reading Cities
Elective Workshop in Delhi

The workshop is offered to MA students of Urban Studies and it is going to be organized by Ambedkar university in collaboration with ILAUD – The International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Studies. Reading and understanding the city is fundamental at many levels to be able to address and tackle contemporary urgent issues, such as increasing traffic, unmanageable pollution levels, women safety problems, increasing gated communities, rising wealth and poverty extremes, new overpowering technologies, plastic and trash issues etc. The workshop, adopting a multidisciplinary approach, aims to develop and focus on different possible approaches on reading the city and address these contemporary urgent issues. Confronting the already existing Ambedkar’s observations on reading cities through oral history, other alternative methodologies of reading the city are going to be listed and experimented, such as analysis of the city through social media or “what if” approach. Both Ambedkar and ILAUD have long experience in reading cities and the interaction will benefit students and develop their critical thinking.  Moreover, the workshop may be the first step for a long-lasting collaboration between Ambedkar and ILAUD in the future.


Surajit Sarkar, Course coordinator
Pilar Guerrieri, Course coordinator
Paolo Ceccarelli, Course coordinator

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