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Afrotopian Cities at The Edge of Global Pandemic
October 8, 2020
The time has come for us Europeans to look to Africa as a major cultural opportunity to learn new forms of social resilience for our cities and societies. The A_f_r_o_t_o_p_i_a_n_ _approach that strives for self-sufficiency consists in knowing how-to live-in osmosis with one’s own territory, optimizing resources. This is probably also one of the reasons why many African countries, in spite of the lack of adequate healthcare structures and the authoritarian drift of certain governments, are managing to limit the effects of Covid 19 on people and the society. I therefore believe that to get out of this systemic crisis we will have to look with greater attention at ‘African solutions to solve global problems,’ passing from the paternalistic culture of emergency design to the culture of emergent design that imposes a better balance between nature and t_e_k_n_é.

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