International Laboratory
of Architecture
& Urban Design

Architectural Pedagogy in the age of Digitalization
July 9, 2020
The Interview seeks to analyse the relationship between architecture and education in the current age of digitization prefiguring a possible perspective for the rise of a new approach to architectural teaching. Such analysis will be conducted through initial observations about contemporary architectural pedagogy, and then through the use of historical case studies considered as appropriate for the formulation of a new point of view in architectural education. The evidence suggests that the increasing use of digital technologies and the introduction of disciplines related to the new digital reality are giving life to new forms of education and methods of research where the role of teachers and students is mixed together according to a new paratactic approach dictated by the rise of new digital interdisciplinarity. In such a background of continuous evolution, what is the future of architecture and its education? Will it exclusively become a matter of production and scientific methods, or it will be able to keep alive in itself the germ of aesthetic and artistic values of social constructions? In other words, will the future of architecture be written by architects or we will witness the rise of a new architecture without architects?

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