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December 9, 2021 / 
Towards Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Regions.
Medina of Casablanca. Photo credit: Giulio Verdini
Medina of Casablanca. Photo credit: Giulio Verdini

In the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) effort to promote dialogue and cooperation between Mediterranean countries and to implement the Strategic Urban Development Action Plan 2040 , ILAUD has launched the new initiative ‘I4M – ILAUD for the Mediterranean’. The aim of I4M is to bring together architects and planners, alongside other experts with interdisciplinary skills around sustainability; local, regional and national authorities; the civil society; and international organizations, to promote research and educational projects around the transition of cities and regions towards sustainability and resiliency. More in details, the objects of I4M are: 

  • To define and test strategies for the regeneration of the built environment and the sustainable management of natural and agricultural resources, experimenting transformative practices of climate urbanism; 
  • To define and test new urban approaches to ensure sustainable economic and social development, while ensuring the protection of tangible and intangible cultural resources of places, and the diversity of cultural expressions; 
  • To envision and implement innovative forms of local governance, taking into account local communities in a meaningful way, and exploring new and more integrated institutional arrangements.

ILAUD has established already formal relationships with a number of partners in Morocco, Algeria, and Italy and preliminary contacts have been made in other countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Egypt. The initiative was officially presented at the UfM  Meeting of Schools of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Euro-Mediterranean Region’ on 9 December 2021




March 7, 2022
Cornigliano, Genoa, Italy


I4M Inclusive Urban Regeneration. 

Project Coordinators:
Marco Guarino, Francesco De Agostini, Paolo Ceccarelli.


March 26-27, 2022
Figuig, Oriental Region, Morocco


I4M Resilient Rural-Urban Linkages. 

Project Coordinators:
Giulio Verdini, Pilar Guerrieri, Paolo Ceccarelli.


Expected in 2022
Dergano, Milan, and Cornigliano, Genoa


I4M The Cities’ Role against Educational poverty

Project Coordinator: Paolo Ceccarelli.


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