International Laboratory
of Architecture
& Urban Design

JUNE 22 - JULY 13, 2020 / 
Summer School Program on Architecture - ILAUD & GREAT PLACE TO STUDY
ILAUD collaborated for a short Summer School Program on Architecture to a new initiative of Summer School Program by Great Place to Study
Pilar Maria Guerrieri
Expected in 2021 / 
Designing new resilient urban environments
At the end of September 2019, a seminar entitled "The movable frontier of architectural education" was held in Milan to define the future agenda of ILAUD concerning actions to be taken relative to new environmental, social and cultural situations in the world.
Paolo Ceccarelli
Nov. 11-15, 2019 / 
Discontinuity in Contemporary City
Shanghai: Evaluation of the historical elements in the sites of the regeneration project in the Putuo district to support the tentative design of a place for research
November, 2019 / 
Giancarlo De Carlo and ILAUD.
A movable frontier
edited by Paolo Ceccarelli
2011-04-22 / 
Urban Recomposition of the Historic City
The Harbour Mouth at the Venice Lido
Language of Architecture
Annual Report
Signs and Insights
Creative Towns Workshop. Nano-technologies for medicine
Reading and Design of the Territory 1
Re-discovering silence
Unveiling urban memory. Re-designing the area of the “13 Hongs” of Canton
Clear Fresh Sweet Waters of Jericho
Modern architecture and the city
Scenarios for future sustainable rural development in Shuang Wan
Urbino through the looking glass
Approaches on Reading Cities
Elective Workshop in Delhi
Pilar Maria Guerrieri, Paolo Ceccarelli, Surajit Sarkar
Repobliamento de Centros Historicos
Designing the future of the system of rural villages around Tai lake in Suzhou
Expected in 2021 / 
The role of the informal sector in formal urban systems
The workshop will entered on Merkato, the huge open-air market in the heart of the city
Re-Programming Dongshan Peninsula in Tai Lake. Policies and design solutions for preserving a cultural landscape
Expected in 2021 / 
The impact of climate change on informal built environments
The workshop will address (with reference to the real situation of an area of the city) some of the most significant problems that will be originated by climate change, the consequences of large-scale urbanisation, significant technological innovations
5/07/20 / 
MIT professor Tunney Lee, an architect, urban planner, and historian of Chinatown, dies at 88
Bryan Marquard
The Ideal Future. New Territorial Challenges
When new cities grow older
The decolonization and reconstruction of the African City. The case of District Six in Cape Town
Nature and the city. The case of Buenos Aires
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Multiplicity of Language vs. Eclecticism
In Siena 1982, working on the historical and present fabric has opened a discussion on the contemporary language of architecture
Memories expectations & actions
The Insertion of contemporary architectural language in an urban environement structured in the past, Siena
Fondamenta Nuovissime
The Contemporary Town 1
The Contemporary Town 2
The Contemporary Town 3
Reading and Design the Physical Environment 1
Reading and Designing the Physical Environment 2
Reading and Designing the Physical Environment 3
Reading and Design of the Territory 3
1st Residential course
2nd Residential course
Territory and Identity 1
The Edge of the Arsenal
The Eastern Lagoon Front
1980-1982 / 
A project for Genova
A real laboratory must know how to deal with the reality from which it draws its main lifeblood to be a research and training bench not only for the youngest
may 22 - july 12, 2019 / 
Giancarlo De Carlo and ILAUD.
An exibition
The milanese architects order have organized an exhibition full of original and unpublished materials, curated by Connie Occhialini
La scatola di Connie
Per ricordare Etra Occhialini (31 marzo 1951-3 luglio 2019)
Paolo Ceccarelli
ILAUD Online Activities - Youtube
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ILAUD e-Journal Series
We are ready to start an ILAUD e-journal series where all our researches will be easily accessible - Stay tuned!
Architecture, multiple and complex
Culture and the city’s multiple identity
The workshop explored methods and strategies for the upgrading of Shahjahanabad that would not disrupt its nature and social structure
Where, why and how
1983 / 
Breda Project
ILAUD worked on modern heritage
and re-use
2008 / 
Exhibition: La frontiera mobile. Il Laboratorio di Architettura  e Urbanistica dal 1976 a oggi
ILAUD has always been committed to plan and design exhibitions
2009 / 
Exhibition: Giancarlo De Carlo and the new ILAUD
This has been an exhibition that travelled the world
Reading and Design of the Territory 2
Ferrara of removed meanings. Nicolò’s “Addizione”

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